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Private Doctor - Home Services

National Care Link enables you to have immediate access to a range of Medical Services in Zimbabwe delivered through home visits including physician and specialist visits, preventative care, second opinion and management of chronic illness giving you peace of mind.

We draw from a range of experienced Medical Doctors across the country.

We are able to dispatch a fully vetted Doctor to your chosen location In Zimbabwe within hours of your booking.

Book a Private Doctor to help with any of the following services:


  • Assessment and treatment

    Welcome to our Assessment and Treatment services Drawing from a range of experienced medical professionals across the country, National Care Link is able to dispatch a fully vetted Doctor to your chosen location immediately and in most cases within hours of your booking.

    We provide a range of medical services including assessment, treatment, diagnosis, specialist referral and review of conditions.

    With this service you can rest assured knowing our team of Doctors will deliver a speedy and high quality medical service.

  • Diagnostics


    National Care Link Doctors have a wealth of experience in their specialist areas. Through working with our partners we are able to offer standard and specialist private diagnostic services

    • Blood testing
    • Biopsies
    • X-Ray Scans
    • Ultrasound Scans
    • CT-Scans
    • MRI Scan.

    Our Doctors will then be able to examine your test results and quickly interpret them for a diagnosis. We will keep you and your family informed on the purpose and progress of your tests at all times.

    Please ask a member of our team if you need more details.

  • Second opinion and Specialist referral

    Welcome to our second opinion and specialist referral services. We are proud to present to you the opportunity to get it right when it comes to your family healthcare needs. Where a prognosis or diagnosis is unclear or disputed a second opinion consultation can be very useful in ensuring the appropriate treatment is provided. National Care Link Doctors will be able to offer a second opinion where that is required or refer your family member for a second opinion where it is indicated.

    We understand that urgent diagnosis is vital in managing health conditions and informing treatment options.

  • Benefits of Our signature Private Doctor – Home Visit Services

    • Immediate start of treatment
    • We save you from the hustle of travel when you are unwell
    • Promote quick recovery through early intervention
    • Continuity of Care, request the same Doctor
    • Early referral for appropriate secondary care
    • Same day visits
    • Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
    • Prompt access to tests and diagnostic imaging
    • Unrivalled relationship with the Doctor, Nurse or Specialist treating your family
Why Us?

Why Us?

National Care Link is the only platform known to exist for linking Zimbabweans in the Diaspora with health care professionals to deliver a unique model of home based Private Nursing, Private Medical and Specialist health care services across towns and cities in Zimbabwe.

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